Hey there dog lover!

Welcome to The Dog Darling! I’m Jennifer, and while this page is “about me,” it’s really crafted with you, the devoted dog parent, in mind.

My lifelong journey with dogs, from childhood pups to my adventures with my two Australian Shepherds, has equipped me with an abundance of insights, DIY hacks, dog recipes, and product knowledge that I’m eager to share to enhance your life with your pups.

Why Trust Me?

  • Hands-on Experience: Over 23 years living and growing with dogs, understanding their needs through every life stage.
  • DIY and Creativity: From homemade treats to innovative dog care projects, I offer practical, tested solutions. I spend a lot of my time crafting delicious homemade goodies for my pups.
  • Product Wisdom: Honest, tried-and-tested recommendations on dog products and treats to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Your Benefits:

  • Actionable Advice: Navigate the joys and challenges of dog parenting with confidence.
  • Creative Solutions: Elevate your dog care game with unique DIY projects and dog-friendly treat recipes.
  • Best Picks: Save time and money with my curated list of top dog products and treats.

Our Mission Together

At The Dog Darling, it’s about more than just loving dogs—it’s about enriching that special bond and creating a joyful, fulfilling life together.

Together, let’s make every moment with our dogs as beautiful and rewarding as they make our lives.

Meet the pups

Maverick is my 2 year old Blue Merle Mini Australian Shepherd. He is my clumsy and happy pup who is always down to cuddle. 

Lacy is my 4 year old Black Tri Mini Australian Shepherd. She is my loyal and feisty pup who is always down for a long walk around the neighborhood.