Ahoy, Pup! The Ultimate List of Nautical Dog Names

This list of nautical dog names will hopefully include the perfect name for your new canine sea-loving (fingers crossed) companion.

nautical dog names

Are you someone who feels best when they are near the water? Maybe you are a lover of the sea, a boater, or just a person who can’t get enough of their favorite beach. If you are reading this, I can only assume you are getting…or at least planning for a new pup in your life.

Time to Set Sail!

Admiral– one of the highest ranks in the Navy. Admiral would be fitting for a dog who is a natural-born leader.

Anchor– a device made of medal that is lowered to the seabed to keep a vessel in place.

Bailer– a device used for removing water that has entered a ship.

Bay– an inlet of the sea.

Beacon– a light serving as a guide at sea. I think Beacon is an adorable name for any water-loving pup.

Becket– a loop of rope that helps to secure items on a ship.

Boomer– a missile submarine

Breezy– pleasantly windy. Imagine a bright, breezy day out at sea.

Bullseye– an American sailboat that is known for being sturdy. Bullseye sounds like a name for a high-energy dog who loves adventure.

Bunker– the fuel for a vessel.

Captain– the commander of a ship.

Cardinal– short for a cardinal mark. A cardinal mark is a sea mark used to indicate any hazards out at sea and to guide the vessel to safer waters.

Clipper– a sailing vessel designed specifically for speed.

Cruise– to sail about in the water without a precise destination or a large passenger ship usually taken for pleasure.

Crew– a group of people who work on a ship.

Cove– a small coastal inlet. Coves usually have a circular and narrow entrance.

Cargo– a ship that carries goods and materials from one port to another.

Coral– marine invertebrates mainly found in tropical seas.

Fin– an extended part of a fish or other aquatic animal used for steering, propelling, or balancing in the water.

nautical names for dogs

Nautical Names for Dogs

Galley– the kitchen of a ship. A Galley was also the name of historical ships that were propelled by numerous oars.

Gasket– a rope used for reefing a sail or holding a sail in place.

Gill– the organ that enables most aquatic animals to take oxygen from water.

Harbor– a place on the coast where vessels find shelter (usually from rough waters).

Jetty– a structure that projects from land out into the water.

Kai– Hawaiian origin meaning “sea”

Laker– vessels that mainly operate on the Great Lakes of North America.

Mack– a structure that combines the radar masts and the exhaust stack of a vessel.

Marina– latin for “of the sea.” A marina is a dock for small pleasure boats such as yachts.

Matey– an expression referring to a ship’s crew members (a fellow sailor).

Navy-a branch of the U.S government that handles operations on and under the sea.

Pearl– a glistening mineral produced by oysters.

Pirate– a robber who travels by water.

Rudder– a blade-like object used to help steer a ship.

Sailor– a person who works on a boat or ship.

Skipper– the person in charge of a ship or boat.

Stormy– weather that has strong wind, heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

Shelly– inspired by the seashells found on the coast.

Nautical Female Dog Names

  • Bay
  • Breezy
  • Cove
  • Coral
  • Harbor
  • Marina
  • Navy
  • Pearl
  • Sailor
  • Shelly

Nautical Male Dog Names

  • Admiral
  • Anchor
  • Becket
  • Boomer
  • Bullseye
  • Bunker
  • Captain
  • Clipper
  • Cruise
  • Crew
  • Cargo
  • Fin
  • Gasket
  • Gill
  • Jetty
  • Kai
  • Matey
  • Pirate
  • Rudder

Looking for the perfect name for your dog should not be a super stressful experience. My recommendation is to write down a list of name you initially like and “sit” with those names for a couple days. It is likely, you will naturally eliminate names you feel won’t be the best fit. Another option is to wait until you actually get a chance to spend time with your new dog and see what name fits their personality and appearance. Good luck, sea-lovin’ friends!

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