BarkBox vs Chewy: Dog Subscription Box Showdown

Barkbox vs chewy

As a dog mom to two exuberant Australian Shepherds who LIVE for their next toy and treat adventure, I’ve always been on the lookout for new ways to spoil them. I have always been curious about dog subscription boxes. The thought of a surprise box showing up at my door every month with new treats and toys piqued my curiosity. There were two companies I kept hearing about- Barkbox vs Chewy. But, which is the superior dog box?

I decided there was only one way to truly know which one would win the hearts (and taste buds) of my toy and treat-loving aussies—I bought both boxes with my OWN money to give them a thorough test.

What follows is my honest, unfiltered comparison of BarkBox and Chewy’s Goody Box. Every opinion and observation comes straight from MY personal experience. I hope this review helps you if you are considering the same for your pup.

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A Dog Mom’s Opinion

Both boxes offer unique benefits tailored to different preferences. My dogs loved every treat and played with every toy from both boxes, highlighting that the best option largely depends on your and your dog’s specific needs.

BarkBox shines with its customizable themes and options, ideal for those desiring a personalized touch.


Chewy Goody Box offers the flexibility of one-time purchases for those wary of subscriptions.

Chewy Box

Ultimately, either option is a win for dog parents looking to spoil their pups with high-quality treats and toys.

What is Barkbox?

  • BarkBox is a subscription service that delivers a monthly box of dog treats, toys, and a chew, all centered around a unique  theme. Themes might include seasonal festivities, whimsical creatures, or creative adventures, making each box a surprise  for both dogs and dog owners.
  • Each box typically contains two dog toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. The company prides itself on the creativity and uniqueness of its toys and treats, which are often designed exclusively for BarkBox subscribers.
  • BarkBox emphasizes high-quality, all-natural treats and chews that are made in the USA or Canada, ensuring they’re healthy for dogs. They also cater to dogs with allergies or special dietary requirements upon request.
  • Subscribers have the option to tailor their box to their dog’s size, ensuring the toys and treats are appropriate for their pet.

Barkbox Overview Information

What is Chewy?

  • Chewy Goody Box is curated by Chewy, a well-known online retailer for pet products. Unlike BarkBox, Goody Boxes are not subscription-based but can be purchased as one-time gifts or treats for your pet.
  • Each Goody Box typically includes a mix of new toys, treats, and sometimes even accessories or health products, curated around themes or specific needs (like puppyhood or birthday celebrations).
  • Chewy emphasizes variety and quality, with boxes often including high-quality products from well-known brands in the pet industry. This gives pet parents  a chance to try out different products to see what their dog loves best.
  • Treats included in the Goody Boxes are usually made with high-quality ingredients.

Chewy Overview Information

Which Dog Subscription Box is Better : Barkbox vs. Chewy?

How the Rating System Will Work:

Now that you have a general overview of the two companies, it’s time to put these two boxes to the test. I want this article to be as helpful as possible. I know everyone’s situation is different and will have different needs. So, I am going to go through various categories and pick a winner for each. I believe this will be more helpful by breaking it down so you can find the specific details that apply to you and your dog.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions from our experience with each box.

Packaging and Presentation

chewy vs. barkbox packaging

I believe packaging and presentation is an important part of the customer experience when it comes to these monthly boxes.

Barkbox arrived in a standard brown box with their logo on it. When you open the box, there is usually a colorful paper insert that follows along with the monthly theme.

The Chewy Goody Box was extremely colorful and followed a Halloween theme (I ordered in October). When you open the box, the items are placed under tissue paper and everything came wrapped in individual plastic bags.


Value of the Dog Subscription Box:

Barkbox Monthly Subscription Cost: Around $20 to $35 per month, depending on the length of the subscription plan chosen (1 month-single box: $35, 6-month subscription: $25, or yearly subscription/12-month subscription: $20). Longer subscriptions offer a lower monthly rate. I purchased the 6-month box at 25.00 and paid 4.99 for shipping and 1.78 for tax.

Chewy Goody Box One-Time Purchase Cost: Chewy Goody Box does not operate on a subscription model. Each box is a one-time purchase, typically priced between $24.99 and $49.99, depending on the specific box and its contents. Personally, the boxes are usually on sale under $30. I purchased my box for $27.99 and then paid 4.95 for shipping and 1.45 for tax.


I went through and found the same or similar items on their website to add the value of the box vs. what I actually paid to see if there was a big savings from purchasing the Goody Box.

  • PRICE OF THE GOODY BOX: 27.99 (not including shipping/tax)


Barkbox is a bit more challenging due to the pricing scale depending on the subscription model you choose. You will obviously save more money is you choose the 12 month compared to the 6th month. For these calculations, I am going to go off what my experience was with the 6-month model pricing.

  • PRICE OF THE GOODY BOX: 25.00 (not including shipping/tax)

🏆CATEGORY WINNER- BARKBOX (6-month or 12 month subscription)


Chewy Box

Barkbox vs Chewy: Variety and Creativity 

BarkBox is well-known for its highly creative and engaging monthly themes that are both unique and playful. Past themes have ranged from fantasy adventures to seasonal festivities and whimsical worlds, showing a high level of creativity in each box. My particular theme for my box I ordered was a New York City theme.

Chewy Goody Box, while not subscription-based, also offers themed boxes, such as those designed for puppies, birthdays, or specific holidays. The themes tend to be more general compared to BarkBox’s highly specific monthly themes. I was a little disappointed to see there were really only four themes to choose from on their website (at the time of order).  Aside from birthdays, the only other theme available was the holiday box (which is the Halloween one I got).


Product Quality

In evaluating Product Quality, I’m going to focus on the overall quality and durability of the toys, as well as the nutritional value and sourcing of the treats.

According to their website, the treats included in BarkBox are made with high-quality ingredients, focusing on all-natural, grain-free, and sometimes organic options. They’re made in the USA or Canada, ensuring strict quality control. I have nothing to complain about when it came to their treats. My dogs absolutely loved them.

The toys in my Barkbox were creative and fun. I really enjoyed the interactive toy that had several parts to it. As far as durability, my dogs are extremely rough on toys so plush toys generally don’t hold up well. However, liberty ball has been holding up well during playtime. If your dog is hard on toys, Barkbox’s super chewer box might be a great option.

Chewy Goody Box benefits from Chewy’s extensive network of brands and products, featuring a variety of high-quality toys and treats from well-known and trusted manufacturers. The treats in Chewy Goody Boxes are selected for their quality ingredients and nutritional value, with many boxes including products that are natural and grain-free.

Again, my dogs absolutely loved the treats from their chewy box. The plushie toys held up as expected and the tennis ball toy was pretty durable.

🏆CATEGORY WINNER- TIE (both were honestly so similar when it came to the quality of the products) 

Flexibility of Each Dog Subscription Box 

BarkBox operates on a subscription model/autoship program, which inherently requires a commitment for a certain period, whether it’s month-to-month, 6 months, or 12 months. There is a single themed box option but is a bit more expensive than if you commit to a subscription model.

Barkbox also runs many promotions for a free item with your first box (the 6 or 12- month options). Sometimes it’s a free dog bed, dog leash, or pet camera. Make sure to check out the website to see the current promotion. 

  • Cancellation Policy: BarkBox allows subscribers to cancel their Barkbox subscription through their online account. The process is straightforward, but it’s important to note that for those on a multi-month subscription, the cancellation will take effect at the end of the current subscription period, not immediately.
  • Pause Subscription: Users have the option to pause their subscription for a month or a few months if they need a break or have too many toys and treats stocked up.

Chewy Goody Box offers a different kind of flexibility since it is not based on a subscription model but rather on one-time purchases.

  • Cancellation Policy: Since purchases are one-time, there’s no subscription to cancel. Customers can simply choose not to buy a Goody Box at any time. For orders that have already been placed, Chewy’s general return policy allows for returns within a certain period if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.


 Barkbox vs Chewy: Customization Options

I was pleased to see that Barkbox had many ways to customize my box. The first question the website asked when I went to order was “is your dog a good boy or good girl?” Then it went on to ask about my dog’s size (Barkbox has different toy options for a small dog vs. large dogs) and if my dog has any dietary needs/allergies.

Barkbox also offers a Tough Chewer option too which is a box designed for dogs who are heavy chewers and hard on their toys. This box includes a new level of durable when it comes to the toys it includes.

Since Chewy’s Goody Box is a one-off purchase, there is not really a customization process. What you see on the website is what you get. Now, when I went to order they did have a girly birthday box vs. a boy birthday box but that was about the extent. There might be different options at different times of the year. But as far as total customization-the options are more general with this box.


Shipping & Delivery 

BarkBox typically ships boxes so that they arrive in the middle of each month. The exact shipping time can vary based on location, but customers in the contiguous United States can generally expect their boxes to arrive within 2-8 business days after shipping.

BarkBox offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. For subscribers in Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada, there may be an additional shipping fee.

Since Chewy Goody Box is not a subscription service, shipping times depend on when the order is placed. Chewy is known for its fast shipping, often with orders arriving within 1-3 business days.

Chewy offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount (typically $49). My box was about $5 to ship since it was under the $49 threshold.

*I cannot personally speak directly on the customer service as I had no issues and therefore did not have to reach out to any customer service specialist on behalf of either company.

🏆CATEGORY WINNER- TIE (The winner in this category can vary based on customer priorities). BarkBox provides consistent delivery schedules and free shipping within the contiguous U.S. Chewy, on the other hand, excels in flexibility and speed.

barkbox vs chewy

Barkbox vs Chewy: My Conclusion


Chewy Box

After comparing BarkBox vs Chewy Goody Box across various categories, you might be wondering which box my pups preferred. The truth is, they didn’t make it easy for me to choose—they devoured every treat and played with every toy from both boxes with equal enthusiasm. It honestly left me with the realization that the decision ultimately boils down to personal preferences, both yours and your dog’s.

Each box has its unique strengths: BarkBox, with its creative different theme every month and customizable options, caters to those looking for a personalized experience tailored to their dog’s needs. On the other hand, Chewy Goody Box offers flexibility and convenience with its one-time purchase option, perfect for those who prefer not to commit to a subscription or enjoy the freedom to choose whenever they want to spoil their furry friend.

The choice between these pet subscription boxes is not about which one is the perfect box in absolute terms but about what aligns best with your lifestyle, your dog’s play and dietary preferences, and how you like to surprise them. Whether you lean towards the imaginative monthly themes of BarkBox or the no-strings-attached approach of Chewy Goody Box, you can’t go wrong with either.

In my experience, both BarkBox and Chewy Goody Box have proven to be winners in the eyes (and mouths) of my dogs, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either to any dog parent looking to add a little more joy and excitement to their dog’s life.




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