Celestial Dog Names Perfect for your New Furry Star

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You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone not fascinated by outer space’s wonders. So, it’s no wonder why space-themed dog names are a popular choice when trying to decide on the perfect name. The names on this list are inspired by the universe’s most famous stars, galaxies, planets, constellations,  astronauts, you name it!  No doubt, these celestial dog names are out of this world. 

Planet Dog Names 

If you are looking for a classic space-inspired name, a planet from our very own solar system could be an ideal name choice for your new dog.

  • Mars: Named after the red planet, suitable for a bold and adventurous dog with a strong personality.
  • Jupiter: Inspired by the largest planet, it’s fitting for a dog with a big, jovial personality and a love for exploration.
  • Neptune: Named after the distant blue planet, perfect for a calm and mysterious dog with a serene demeanor.
  • Venus: Named after the planet of love and beauty, ideal for an affectionate and charming canine companion.
  • Pluto: Although reclassified as a dwarf planet (it will always be a real planet in my heart), Pluto remains a cute name, especially for smaller, yet mighty dogs.
  • Saturn: With its famous rings, Saturn could be a name for a dog with striking markings or a halo-like demeanor.

Outer Space Names

These unique dog names are inspired by various celestial objects such as comets, moons, lights, and famous astronomers/astronauts. 

  • Luna: A tribute to the Roman goddess of the moon, a great name for a pup with a serene and gentle aura.
  • Nova: Meaning “new,” it suits a playful dog that brings a burst of energy into your life like a supernova.
  • Halley: Inspired by Halley’s Comet, this name fits a once-in-a-lifetime type of dog.
  • Phoebe: Means “bright and shining,” reflecting the light of a dog’s unwavering loyalty and love.
  • Galileo: For the inquisitive pup with a thirst for discovery, honoring the great astronomer. The perfect name for a true astronomy enthusiast, if you ask me.
  • Nebula: Named after cosmic clouds of gas and dust. If you are a millennial, this name always reminds me of Zenon. 
  • Orbit: Reflecting the cyclical path of many of the objects in our galaxy, great for a playful and energetic dog that orbits around you.
  • Aurora: Inspired by the mesmerizing Northern or Southern Lights, fitting for a dog with a colorful and enchanting presence.
  • Axis: Reflecting stability and balance, great for a dog that adds structure and order to your life.
  • Moon: named after the moon we all know and love- Earth’s moon.
  • Buzz: named after the famous space pioneer Buzz Aldrin or (Buzz Lightyear for my Toy Story fans). 
  • Eclipse: when one celestial object obscures another.

New Puppy Names that are Out-of-this-World

  • Comet: celestial bodies with a bright, glowing tail known for their stunning appearance in the night sky
  • Phobos: One of Mars’ moons, it’s an edgy name for a dog with a bold personality.
  • Deimos: The other moon of Mars.
  • Io: Jupiter’s moon, Io, serves as a quirky choice for a dog’s name.
  • Europa: Another of Jupiter’s moons, it makes an elegant name for a graceful pup.
  • Titan: The largest moon of Saturn, it’s a grand name for a dog with a strong presence.
  • Rhea: A moon of Saturn, Rhea is a charming choice for a female dog.
  • Solar: relating to/caused by the Sun 
  • Helene: a natural satellite of the planet, Saturn
  • Cosmo: Short for cosmos, meaning “order” or “world,” perfect for a well-behaved and balanced dog.
  • Atlas: Inspired by the mythological Titan who held up the heavens, great for a strong and supportive companion.

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Bright Stars & Constellation Puppy Names

These star names are inspired by famous constellations and stars within our solar system. 

  • Sirius: Named after the brightest star in the night sky, your pup will shine in both spirit and play.
  • Orion: For the outgoing pup that’s always ready to explore, named after the prominent constellation.
  • Leo: Drawn from the zodiac and constellation, perfect for a brave and regal canine.
  • Lyra: Named after the lyre constellation, it’s fitting for a melodious and harmonious canine.
  • Libra: Inspired by the zodiac sign and constellation, it’s perfect for a balanced and harmonious dog.
  • Star: A classic choice symbolizing brilliance and radiance, ideal for a pup that lights up your world.
  • Aries: Named after the zodiac sign, suitable for a spirited and adventurous pup with a bold and confident demeanor.
  • Gemini: Named after the zodiac sign of the twins, perfect for a sociable and dynamic dog that loves companionship.
  • Taurus: sixth largest of the Zodiac constellations and the 17th largest constellation in our solar system.
  • Stella: Meaning “star” in Latin, this name is a classic choice for a radiant and shining pup.
  • Dipper: Named after the famous constellation, “The Big Dipper,” symbolizing guidance and direction.
  • Nova: a star known for a sudden burst in brightness
  • Sunny: this dog star name is the nickname for our favorite big star, the Sun! 
  • Astro: short for astronomy
  • Astra: Derived from the Latin word for “star,” it’s ideal for a pup that sparkles and stands out.

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Celestial Dog Names FAQs

What are the benefits of choosing a celestial dog name?

There are so many beautiful names when it comes to the objects floating among our galaxy. Your dog will have a unique and memorable name that will easily stand out amongst other dog names. 

How do I ensure the dog name I choose is easy for my puppy to recognize?

To make sure your dog can easily recognize their name, opt for a name that is simple, consisting of one or two syllables, and distinct from everyday commands or other household names. This helps minimize confusion and allows your dog to quickly learn and respond to their unique name.

Can celestial names fit any breed or dog personality?

Absolutely, celestial names are versatile and can suit any breed, size, and personality of dog. Whether you have a spirited, energetic pup or a calm, dignified pup, there’s a celestial name out there to match their unique personality traits.

How can I find more inspiration for celestial dog names?

More inspiration for celestial dog names can be found by exploring astronomy books, space documentaries, or visiting planetariums. Additionally, researching historical figures in space exploration, known celestial events, and the mythology behind constellations can help you discover a trove of beautiful and meaningful space names.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the name choices on this list. No matter which you pick, your pup will truly be out of this world! 

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