Creative New Dog Announcement Ideas for Social Media

ink paw print photos for new dog announcement

There are few things more exciting than bringing home a new dog. Whether it’s a brand new puppy or a rescue from the shelter, it’s an exciting time in your life.

Naturally, you want to share your excitement with friends and family. If you are reading this, I can only assume you want to go above and beyond a simple text that says “hey guess what? I’m getting or I got a dog!” No, we need a little extra pizzazz. These dog announcement ideas are the perfect way to celebrate and welcome your new family member.    

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Dog Announcement Ideas 

Creative ways to announce your newest family member to the world.

flat lay photo for dog announcement

The Flat Lay Photo Announcement 

We have all seen the classic baby announcements on social media that feature a flat-lay photo with the ultrasound and a chalkboard or letterboard announcing the baby’s upcoming due date. But, why not take that idea and use it for a new puppy announcement? Well, minus the ultrasound.

Use a cute sign such as a letter board/chalk board and find a cute way to share your exciting news. Some ideas I have seen include putting your pup’s name on the board with the year or using a fun quote to announce the big news. Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • “Welcome to the Family! Meet Olive” 
  • Coming Soon…Willow 2024
  • Our Pack Just Got Bigger
  • Officially THAT Dog Mom
  • We are Growing by Four Paws

Have fun with it and make it your own. If you want to go next level, place dog accessories around the board such as your dog’s new collar, food bowl, and accessories. Post the photo to social media to share the good news with your friends and family.

Want your own mockup photo? Download our free one here. The template is completely editable on a free Canva account.

new dog announcement mockup

Wear a Dog Mom Shirt

If you are someone who likes a cute t-shirt (and who doesn’t these days) then a dog mom tee is a great way to announce your newfound life as a new puppy parent. Pose with your puppy wearing your cute shirt. The best part about this idea is you can wear the shirt over and over again.

My favorite place to buy dog mom shirts is on Etsy and love supporting a fellow Etsy seller in the process. If you are crafty and have a cricut or silhouette then buy a digital download of a dog mom svg and make the shirt yourself. 

use your current dog in the new dog announcement

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Use your Dog to Announce your New Addition 

Another popular trend with dog announcements is using your current dog(s) in a photo to announce their new puppy sibling. You can do this in a variety of ways. Place a sign in front of your dog announcing they will be a new big brother or big sister.

Just make it obvious you are talking about a new puppy sibling and NOT a human sibling (we definitely don’t want THAT confused). There are so many adorable ideas you could do that include your current fur babies.  Here are just a few examples of a fun way to announce your new pup. 

  • Do a joint photoshoot 
  • Dress both pups in matching accessories or outfits
  • Snap a photo of the two playing tug-o-war and caption it “Team Siblings” 
  • Before and After Photos: Post a picture of your dog alone in the “before” picture and the two together in the “after.” 

Selfie with your New Puppy 

If you are looking for something a little bit more on the low-key side of things, there is absolutely nothing wrong with uploading a classic selfie with your new dog.

It’s easy, convenient, and does not require anything extra. A cute photo gets the point across and will still share the exciting news with your family members. Trust me, people will stop their scroll when they see an adorable puppy on their newsfeed. 

new puppy sleeping in a bowl during a photoshoot

New Puppy Photo Shoot 

When you get a new pet, you naturally take a million photos of their every move. Why not have a fun photo shoot with your pup? No, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer to get gorgeous photos of your pup.. Just your phone camera and a cute backdrop will work just fine.

Photograph your dog in a cute accessory, while on a walk, or with a beautiful nature scene in the background. I also think it is adorable when people get cute photos of their new puppy sleeping peacefully.  Here are some ideas to help you draw inspiration for a new puppy photoshoot…

  • Puppy sleeping in a basket: place your puppy in a cute, decorated basket with soft blankets or pillows. Capture adorable close-up shots of their face and paws.
  • Puppy exploring in a flower bed: Set up a small garden area with fresh flowers and let your puppy explore among the blooms. Capture their moments of playfulness with your phone camera.
  • Capture Candid moments of your dog playing in their new environment. You can get some adorable pictures just from watching your dog naturally. 
  • Puppy wearing a bow tie
  • Capture a puppy yawn: because pictures of a dog yawning are so precious. 
  • Blanket Fort: Create a mini blanket fort with your puppy inside, peering out from the entrance. Use fairy lights or colorful fabric for added ambiance.
  • Make a balloon arch: You don’t have to buy an expensive balloon arch. I have seen small arch kits at stores like Five Below. Create a cute backdrop for your puppy to sit in front of. 
  • Family Portrait: Include the whole family in the picture with your new dog. Husband, kids, the whole family. 
  • Use Video: Who says you have to introduce your new pup through a photo? You can totally announce your new pup through the use of video. You could post a reaction video of your family members meeting your dog for the first time or post a video of your dog playing. 

Ink Paw Print Picture 

This is a creative way to share your special announcement with friends and family. This is probably one of my personal favorites on the list because it can double as a forever keepsake. I have both of my dog’s ink paw print pictures framed in our front entrance hallway.

I bought an inexpensive kit to do the print and it was so incredibly easy. There was no mess and my dog’s paw never actually touched the ink. This is the exact kit I used. The ink paw print is also the perfect “teaser” photo because you show your new puppy’s paw print and name without showing their cute little face. Sometimes it can be fun to build a little anticipation. The next post is the one you can actually show your new fur baby. 

Use a Dog Bandana 

Another classic amongst dog announcement ideas is the use of cute custom dog bandanas to announce special news.If you have social media, I’m sure you have seen your fair share of pregnancy announcement photos.

 A lot of soon-to-be human parents that want to include their dog in their pregnancy announcement will pose their pup with a bandana that reads “big bro” or “big sis.” Taking this idea as inspiration, it would be adorable to include your current dog with a big bro dog bandana sitting beside their new sibling. 

These ideas are not just for a brand new puppy. Feel free to use these ideas if you are planning on adopting an older dog from the shelter.

There is no age limit to any of these ideas and bringing a new dog into the family- new or elderly is always exciting news worth sharing. Change the language to “It’s my gotcha day!” as an example of a way to modify any of these dog announcement ideas. 

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Announcing the arrival of your new puppy family member is definitely a momentous occasion, filled with tons of excitement. Whether you choose a classic letter board message, involve your current dog in the announcement, opt for a creative photoshoot, or just simply posting a selfie with you and your new puppy, sharing your joy with friends and family is a heartwarming experience.  

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