The Best Dog Names for Brother and Sister Pairs

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There is only one thing better than getting a new dog and that’s getting two new dogs. Can it be total chaos? Maybe. But, is it worth it? Absolutely. Whether your two new pups are actual siblings from a single litter or just future best buds, we have the best dog names for brother and sister duos. These dog names just go together like peanut butter and jelly, rock and roll, peaches and cream…you get the idea.

List of Dog Names for Brother and Sister Pups

Dynamic Duos Inspired by Fictional Characters

Famous sibling pairs, best friends, two peas in a pod

  • Hansel + Gretel– the timeless classic fairytale of a brother and sister who must escape from an evil witch in a magical forest.
  • Goldie + Bear– inspired by the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • Winnie + Roo– everyone loves the beloved classic, Winnie the Pooh. Winnie and Roo would make adorable names for a pair of dogs.
  • Charlie+ Snoopy– another classic dynamic duo. If you are a Peanuts lover, these two names would be adorable for sibling pups (fun fact: my childhood dog was named Snoopy).
  • Goose + Maverick– my dog is a Maverick so I obviously love this pairing.
  • Comet + Cupid– yes, we are talking about Santa’s reindeer. Really, any of the reindeer names would make a cute name for dogs born around Christmas time.

Duo Dog Names Inspired by Nature

  • Sunny + Shadow– this combo would be adorable for bother and sister pups.
  • Honey + Bee– this pairing would be a perfect fit for sister dogs.
  • Moon + Star– you’ll love this pairing to the moon (+stars) and back!
  • Pebbles + Rocky– this name combo would be another adorable option for a male and female duo.
  • Tiger + Lily– inspired from the beautiful Tiger Lily flower.
  • Basil + Sage– if you love boho style names, Basil and Sage are great name ideas for your new best friends.
  • Smoky + Rocky– inspired by the Smoky and Rocky Mountains. If you are an avid hiker or outdoor enthusiast and plan on bringing your dogs along on your adventures, these are the perfect name choices.
  • Oakley + Maple– this pairing would be another great choice for someone who loves nature. Oakley is inspired by the Oak tree and Maple by the Maple tree.
  • Windy (Wendy) + Stormy– I love this combo for a brother and sister pair. You could leave the spelling Windy or go with the more classic, Wendy and accomplish the same vibe.
  • Windy (Wendy) + Breezy– another cute option similar to the one above.
  • Sky + Blue– two words that just go together. Bonus points if your new dogs have blue eyes too!

two dog littermates playing together

Dog Name Ideas Inspired by Food/Drink

  • Whiskey + Rye– yep just like the American Pie song, these two names sound good together.
  • Mocha + Cino (cappuccino)– this combo is perfect for the dog parents who are obsessed with all things coffee.
  • Star + Buck– keeping with the coffee theme-a cute play on the name Starbucks
  • Baby + Ruth-remember the classic Baby Ruth candy bar? How cute would these two names be for a doggy duo?
  • Hershey + Reese– if you are vibin’ with the whole candy pet names theme, Hershey and Reese make a perfect pairing for littermates.
  • Oreo + Cookie– naming your dog after cookies is classic right? This name combo makes for a sweet pair.

Random Names for your Pair of Pooches

  • Ace + Queenie– this might be one of my personal favorites on the list. Ace for a brother dog and Queenie for his sis.
  • Boo + Ghost– if you love Halloween dog names this pairing is right up your ally. It would be especially cute for dog duos born during spooky season.
  • Memphis + Nash– naming your new puppies after cities you love is also a great idea. Memphis and Nash is perfect for any Tennessee lover.
  • Austin + Dallas– another example of dog name duos based off favorite cities. The combinations are endless with this idea. Go with city names that have a special meaning for you.

two dogs sitting together in front of a computer

How to Choose the Best Dog Names for Brother and Sister Pups

  • Many dog parents choose their dogs’ names based on their dog’s personality. I realize you might not know their personality if they are two brand new puppies from a litter. First, you can ask your dog breeder, animal shelter worker, etc. about any personality traits they have noticed thus far. You could also wait a couple days to finalize a name until you get a chance to hang out with your dogs and see their unique personalities. Although, your new dogs might be siblings they could be vastly different.
  • Go with something creative. Duo names are supposed to be fun so make sure you pick a pair of names that will make you smile or just work together. I guarantee when strangers ask you your dogs’ names and you answer with their cute name pairing, their response will be “I love that.” You can’t go wrong here!

In the end, it’s always a good idea to brainstorm a list of names you like and see what makes sense. There are so many great dog names for brother and sister duos out there. The right names will come to you. Good luck and happy naming!

*P.S.- If you are looking for more name ideas check out our posts on coffee dog names and nautical dog names for more dog names you can pair for sibling pups. 

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