Grow your Instagram with the Best Dog Hashtags

best dogs hashtags

While growing my own dog’s Instagram account, I’ve been digging into what works and what doesn’t—especially when it comes to the right hashtags. It’s been a mix of trial and error, late-night research sessions, and, honestly, a bit of instinct. I want to pass on the nuggets of wisdom I’ve picked up along the way. So, here’s the lowdown on the best practices to level-up your hashtag game for your social media posts. Keep reading to discover the best dog hashtags to grow your Instagram (or Tik Tok).

What are Hashtags?

First of all, you might be wondering “what is a hashtag in the first place?” Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by a hash sign (#) used on social media platforms to identify digital content on a specific topic.

Why are Hashtags important?

Hashtags are important in your social media strategy for multiple reasons:

1. Categorization: Hashtags categorize content, making it easier for users to discover posts related to specific themes or interests. For instance, #dogsofInstagram groups all posts related to dogs on Instagram.

2. Visibility: Using popular and relevant hashtags can give you better visibility with your posts to a wider audience, not just your followers. This is because people often search for specific hashtags to find content that interests them.

3. Engagement: Hashtags can boost engagement by encouraging users to interact with content related to a hashtag they follow or find interesting.

4. Community Building: They help in building communities around specific topics or interests as users can discover and engage with content and other users who share similar interests. An engaged online community can be a powerful tool.

5. Campaigns and Branding: Brands and organizations use unique hashtags to promote campaigns, events, or products. This makes it easier to track the conversation around these campaigns and engage with their audience.

How do I Find Relevant Hashtags for my Pet Instagram Account?

This is the number one question I had when I started my Instagram account. Here are some of the steps I take to find the best hashtags to use. Try using some of these valuable tips on your next Instagram post.

Start with Basic Keywords

Begin with basic keywords that describe your post or your pet, such as hashtag #dog, #puppy, or more specifically, #GoldenRetriever if you’re posting content about a Golden Retriever. These keywords are the foundation for finding more nuanced hashtags. I like to start with the big picture and then narrow down to more specific niche hashtags.

Best Dog Hashtags for Instagram

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Use Instagram’s Search Function

Instagram’s search function is a great tool for hashtag research. When you type a keyword related to your content in the search bar and select the “tags” tab, Instagram will show you a list of hashtags related to your search query.

This feature also displays the number of posts for each hashtag, giving you an idea of its popularity. For example, I searched the hashtag #doglover and Instagram told me this specific hashtag has 101 million posts! So, it’s a huge category.

Explore Related/Relevant Dog Hashtags

When you search for a hashtag or click on one you’re interested in, Instagram shows you related hashtags at the top of the screen. This can introduce you to more specific or niche hashtags that could be highly relevant to your content but less saturated than the most popular ones.

As you can see in my example above, #doglover has 101 million posts but you can see related hashtags that are less saturated like #dogloversfeed which has 832,000 instead of ten million.

Check Out other Influencers in your Niche

Look at the hashtags used by similar accounts, competitors, or pet influencers who have a following that matches the audience you’re trying to reach. Note which hashtags they use regularly and which ones seem to generate the most engagement.

What are the Best Rules to Follow when it comes to Instagram Hashtags?

Consider Hashtag Size

Balance is key. Use a mix of high volume hashtags with a broader audience (with hundreds of thousands or millions of posts) and niche hashtags (with fewer posts) to reach both broad and specific audiences. Too large, and your post may get lost; too small, and you might not reach many viewers.

Use Hashtag Tools

There are online tools and apps designed to help you find relevant dog-related hashtags based on keywords. A hashtag generator tool like All Hashtag, Hashtagify, and others can generate hashtag suggestions you might not have considered.

Follow Hashtag Trends and Seasonal Hashtags

Keep an eye on trending hashtags, seasonal or holiday-specific hashtags, and participate in popular Instagram challenges or themes that fit your pet’s profile.

Prioritize Valuable Hashtags

Place the most important hashtags at the beginning of your list, as users are less likely to read through all of them. Highlight the hashtags that you really want your followers to see first.

Test The 10/10/10 Strategy

Aim for a mix of 10 location-focused hashtags, 10 general appeal hashtags, and 10 niche interest hashtags. This approach helps you cast a wide net to reach various audience members.

Analyze and Adapt

Use Instagram Insights (available for business accounts) to track which hashtags bring the most engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Create Your Own Branded Hashtag

Consider creating your own hashtag for your pet’s account. It can be as simple as their name or a catchy phrase. Encourage your followers to use it when sharing related content. This can help build a community around your pet’s account.

Sets of Hashtags to Try with your Dog’s Instagram Account

best dog hashtags

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Most Popular Dog Hashtags/Current Big Hashtags on the Platform 

  • #Dog
  • #Puppy
  • #DogsofInstagram
  • #DogsOfTikTok
  • #DogLover
  • #DogLife
  • #DogLove
  • #DogoftheDay
  • #Dogstagram
  • #PuppyLove
  • #Doggo
  • #Pup

Best Instagram Hashtags

  • #InstaDog
  • #Petstagram
  • #DogLovers
  • #PetsofInstagram
  • #Cutedog
  • #FurBaby
  • #Dogloversclub
  • #ilovemydog
  • #Dogcontent
  • #DogPhotography
  • #Dogreels

Top Dog Hashtags for Puppies 

  • #Puppylife
  • #puppygram
  • #puppydog
  • #puppylover
  • #puppyoftheday
  • #puppyeyes
  • #instapuppy
  • #puppyofinstagram

Dog Mom Hashtags

  • #DogMom
  • #DogMomLife
  • #DogMomAf
  • #DogMomsOfInstagram
  • #ProudDogMom
  • #DogMomClub
  • #FurBabyMom
  • #DogMother
  • #DogMommy
  • #DogMama

Pet Influencer Specific Hashtags

  • #petinfluencer
  • #petinfluencers
  • #doginfluencer
  • #doginfluencers
  • #doginstagram
  • #pupfluencer

top dog hashtags

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Best Dog Hashtags: Breed-Specific Hashtags

Why use the breed of dog as part of your social media strategy? Remember when I talked about using huge hashtags and then more niche specific? This is where that advice comes into play.

Using breed-specific hashtags is crucial for targeting a specific audience interested in that breed. It helps in connecting with a community of enthusiasts, breeders, and owners who share a passion for the specific breed.

These hashtags can increase engagement by reaching users who are specifically searching for content related to a particular dog breed, thus making your posts more relevant and likely to be interacted with.

Additionally, breed-specific tags can aid in discovery by brands for potential partnerships, as they often look for influencers within specific pet communities.

If you are interested in working with brands as a dog influencer, you will need a media kit. Click here for my easy media kit template. 

Here are some of the most popular breeds just to give some examples of hashtags you can look for, for your dog accounts.

Golden Retriever

  • #GoldenRetriever #golden
  • #GoldenRetrieversOfInstagram
  • #GoldenRetrieverPuppy
  • #GoldenRetrieverLove
  • #GoldenLife

French Bulldog

  • #FrenchBulldog
  • #FrenchiesOfInstagram
  • #FrenchieLove
  • #FrenchBulldogLife
  • #FrenchiePuppy


  • #Labrador
  • #LabradorRetriever
  • #LabsOfInstagram
  • #LabradorLove
  • #LabLife


  • #PugLife
  • #PugsOfInstagram
  • #PugLove
  • #PugWorld
  • #PugPuppy


  • #Corgi
  • #CorgisOfInstagram
  • #CorgiLove
  • #CorgiCommunity
  • #CorgiLife

German Shepherd

  • #GermanShepherd
  • #GSDOfInstagram
  • #GermanShepherdDog
  • #GermanShepherdPuppy
  • #GSDLove


  • #BoxerDog
  • #BoxersOfInstagram
  • #BoxerLove
  • #BoxerPuppy
  • #BoxerLife


  • #Beagle
  • #BeaglesOfInstagram
  • #BeagleLife
  • #BeagleLove
  • #BeaglePuppy


  • #Dachshund
  • #DoxieLove
  • #DachshundsOfInstagram
  • #DachshundLife
  • #DoxieLife

Siberian Husky

  • #SiberianHusky
  • #HuskyLove
  • #HuskiesOfInstagram
  • #HuskyLife
  • #HuskyPuppy

Australian Shepherd 

  • #AustralianShepherd
  • #AussieLove
  • #AussiesOfInstagram
  • #AustralianShepherdLovers
  • #AussieLife

Is your dog’s breed not on here? No problem, use the Instagram search to find the most popular hashtags for your pup’s breed.

What are the Best Dog Hashtags if I don’t Know my Dog’s Breed?

That is certainly A-ok! Because, there are still hashtags for our beloved pups that have an unknown background:

  • #mixedbreeddog
  • #mixedbreedsofinstagram
  • #rescuedog
  • #rescuedogsofinstagram
  • #rescuedogs
  • #rescuedogsrock
  • #adoptdontshop
  • #rescuepup

Finding what works for your account takes trial and error. Keep note on what’s working, what’s not, and have fun with it! 

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